Summer 2006 Window Works

“where are we going?”

  • Summer 2006 Window Works
  • Exhibition Dates: Jun 15,2006 - Sep 10,2006
  • About the artist
  • Ethel Shipton cropEthel Shipton

    Whether making a mark on paper, a sculpture for the gallery wall, or an intervention in the public realm, San Antonio-based Ethel Shipton challenges context and draws on the power of the unexpected. In one series, she upholsters basketballRead more

About the exhibition

For her WindowWorks project, Shipton again engages the public with a text-based work, posing the question “where are we going?” in large, red vinyl letters applied to the windows at Artpace San Antonio on 445 North Main Avenue and a satellite downtown space at 306 East Houston Street Hovering like road signs or thought bubbles next to contour drawings of highways, her words signal passersby to slow down and become conscious agents in the quickening currents of life. Exposed to pedestrian and city traffic, WHERE ARE WE GOING poignantly asks viewers to reflect on both personal directions and social trajectories, to consider both the immediate journey and the greater goal.