Fall 2008 Window Works

Karen Mahaffy

  • Fall 2008 Window Works
  • Exhibition Dates: Sep 18,2008 - Nov 30,2008
  • About the artist
  • Karen Mahaffy cropKaren Mahaffy

    Karen Mahaffy’s digital videos, cut paper works, and installations deconstruct the differences between movement and stillness, interior and exterior, past and present. Her work “serve[s] as a reminder of the exquisite contained within the ordinary … [and seeks] toRead more

About the exhibition

For her WindowWorks exhibition, Mahaffy presents a triptych that simulates an ornately furnished space. The set-like construction is situated close to the gallery windows in order to capture shadows cast by natural light during the day and an artificial light source in the evening. Above the walls, a chandelier form made out of clear, etched vinyl is applied directly to the window separating the installation from the street. The resulting interaction of these elements alters our perception of space and form, and the way in which light informs our understanding of what we observe. The changing conditions of light during the day will cause the work to vary greatly and unpredictably, while the installation after dark takes on a more determined character.