Spring 2018 Hudson Showroom 2

2018 CAM Perennial

  • Spring 2018 Hudson Showroom 2
  • Exhibition Dates: Mar 22,2018 - May 06,2018
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About the exhibition

The 2018 CAM Perennial pairs artists in a cross-cultural exchange between San Antonio and the Canary Islands. The artists were chosen by Canary Islands-based guest curator Adonay Bermudez for an exhibition in Artpace’s Hudson Showroom.

2018 CAM Perennial Artists
San Antonio-based artists
-Hayfer Brea (Caracas, Venezuela, b. 1975)
-Barbara Miñarro (Monterrey, Mexico, b. 1994)
-Ethel Shipton (Laredo, Texas, b. 1963)

Canary Islands-based artists
-Luna Bengoechea (Gran Canaria, Spain. b. 1984)
-Francis Naranjo (Gran Canaria, Spain. b. 1961)
-PSJM, Cynthia Viera & Pablo San José (Spain b. 1973. & Spain, b. 1969)

As part of this exchange, the exhibition will travel to The Canary Islands after its conclusion as the CAM Perennial at Artpace. Visit Artpace.org and Contemporaryartmonth.com for more information.

Past curators have included:
2012 Francis Colpitt, Dallas, TX
2013 Bill Arning, Houston, TX
2014 Leslie Moody Castro, Mexico City, Mexico
2015 Amy Mackie, New Orleans, LA
2016 Cancelled
2017 Chris Ingalls, Miami, FL