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Milagros de la Torre: Systems and Constellations

Spring 2020 Artpace resident Milagros de la Torre is a New York-based artist who primarily works with photography. Her work examines the photographic processes used throughout history that reveal hidden and often dark sociopolitical implications.  In this activity, you will create your own facial constellation.    Materials  A black and white photograph of yourself   Transparent paper (tracing […]


Leigh Anne Lester: Composite Floral Drawings 

Spring 2013 Window Works artist Leigh Anne Lester is a San Antonio-based artist who creates mixed-media versions of amalgamate plant species. Her work merges prehistoric ferns with backyard weeds to create specimens that resemble 18th century botanical illustrations.    In this activity, you will use multiple botanical illustrations to create a contour (an outline) drawing of a hybrid plant.   Materials  Printouts or […]


Tony Feher: Blue Painter’s Tape  

Tony Feher, 2012 Hudson Showroom artist, took advantage of everyday objects. He altered the ordinary to create inventive pieces of artwork.   In this activity, you will use tape to create a translucent window mural.  Materials  A window (any size!)  Tape (masking, painter’s, and transparent tape work best)  Scissors   Paper (notebook paper works)  Writing utensils (markers, pencils)    Instructions  Pick a window in your […]


Pak Sheung-Chuen: Newspaper Collages 

Summer 2013 Resident Artist Pak Sheung-Chuen is a writer and artist who creates conceptual artwork that explores contradictions in the odd and uneventful events of daily life.   In this activity, you will create the front page of your own newspaper by creating a collage that combines both written and image-based components.   Materials   Paper (different kinds, different sizes; the larger, the better!)  Newspapers and magazines   Writing utensils (markers, pencils)  Scissors  […]